0.1 - 20.48 GHz Switched Filter Assembly

Model SF-69-BZ is a 4-Band with Two Through Paths PIN Diode Switched Filter Assembly that operates from 0.1 - 20.48 GHz. It is capable of Isolations at 60 dB minimum in RFH-RFOUT & a 30dB minimum in RFL-RFOUT. The Amplitude Flatness is 2.0 dB peak-to-peak. It features a Supply Voltage of +4.8/-11.3 to +5.6/-12.3 @ +150/-300 mA and an Operating Temperature Range of -30 to +85Degrees C; with a maximum V.S.W.R. of 2.0:1 in 50 Ohms and an Insertion Loss less than 6.0 dB in RFH - RFOUT and less than 2.0 dB in RFL - RFOUT. This device operates with a Handling Power of +23 dBm CW RFH, +18 dBm RFL, 1.0 Watt Max via 6 BITs of TTL Compatible logic and a switching speed less than 300 ∆ěSec Max. The package size is 3.00 x 2.25 x 0.70 inch.