2 - 18 GHz Amplified Vector Modulator


Model SA-69-GB is a 2.0 – 18.0 GHz, PIN Diode, Amplified I & Q Vector Modulator. The device exhibits 0 dB Gain nominal and 6 dB noise figure typical. This device simultaneously controls phase and amplitude with 360 Degrees and 15 dB of dynamic range. The phase and amplitude flatness is +/- 20 Degrees and +/- 3.0 dB. V.S.W.R. is less than 2.0:1 and with the amplifier there is no loss in signal power. It is capable of non-degraded performance at 0 dBm CW and can handle +20 dBm Max. It is Digitally Controlled via 2 sets (I & Q) of monotonic 12 BIT TTL compatible binary logic and switches in 500 nSec. The device has an input control slope characteristic that is linear with output voltage. The size is 4.25 x 3.5 x 0.75 inch.