4.385 - 4.885 GHz, 60 dB SP32T Sub Assembly

Model SA-50-0JK is a 4.385 to 4.885 GHz, SP32T, Reflective, PIN Diode Switch. This sub-assembly consists of two SP16T switches, one SPDT switch and a power/logic connector all mounted together on a single plate. It exhibits an insertion loss less than 3.0 dB, a V.S.W.R. less than 1.5:1 in 50 Ohms and a minimum isolation of 60 dB. This SP32T Switch is capable of handling 10 W CW, hot switching, 200 W Peak, a 5% duty cycle and a 1.0 Sec pulse width. It is digitally controlled via 5 BITs TTL binary logic and switches in 5.0 ┬ÁSec. The package size is 5.0 x 3.5 x 1.5 inch.