1.75 - 4.75 GHz High Dynamic Range Vector Modulator

Model M2L-48A-1HF is a 1.75 to 4.75 GHz, PIN Diode, High Dynamic Range IQ Digital Vector Modulator. IQ Digital Vector Modulator devices simultaneously control phase and amplitude with 360 Degrees and 60 dB of dynamic range. The phase and amplitude flatness is +/- 15 Degrees and +/- 2.0 dB. V.S.W.R. is less than 1.7:1 and Insertion Loss is less than 15 dB. IQ Digital Vector Modulator is capable of handling +15 dBm CW, 1.0 Watt Max and is Digitally Controlled via 2 sets (I & Q) of monotonic 12 BIT TTL binary logic and switches in 1.0 uSec. IQ Digital Vector Modulator has a linear with output voltage control input slope characteristic. The size is 5.00 x 3.75 x 0.88 inch.