Pulse Modulators

Absorptive input pulse modulators offer frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 24 GHz in up to 9:1 bandwidths and are available with optimized narrowband performance.  High speed switching includes 15 ƞSec RF and 15 ƞSec delay for a maximum of 30 ƞSec.  These can be offered with unit-to-unit phase and amplitude matching and configurations up to SP4T.


Frequency Ranges:  From 100 MHz to 24 GHz, any optimized bandwidth is available.


TTL Compatible Logic:  Logic ‘0’ = Insertion Loss and Logic ‘1’ = Isolation.  For additional logic options, please consult the factory.


High Speed Switching:  Pulse Modulators are measured from 50% TTL to 10% / 90% RF from any set value to any set value.


Operating Temperature Range:  Standard models include temperature compensation in a range from      -55° to +85° C.  For more severe environments, please consult the factory.


Power Consumption:  Pulse Modulators that operate from 2.0 to 18.0 GHz require +5/-12 to -15 VDC @ ±50 mA.  And Pulse Modulators that operate from 0.5 to 2.0 GHz require ±5 VCC @ ±25 mA.


High RF Power Handling:  For power levels greater than listed, please consult the factory.


Standard Interfaces:  RF port connectors are ‘SMA’ female per MIL-C-39012.  DC/Logic connections are solder terminals.  Please consult the factory for additional options.


Matched Phase & Amplitude:  Model listed can be matched unit-to-unit.  Please consult the factory.


Outline Size & Diagram


For substantial improvement in performance, ask for optimized narrowband models.

Electrical Specifications for Absorptive Input Pulse Modulator

Frequency Range




Video Filtering

Insertion Loss



Harmonic Generation


Switching Speed


Input Power




80 Minimum

5 mV @ 100 MHz BW



-60 Minimum

15 RF

+ 15 Delay

30 Maximum

+27 dBm/  1.0 Watt