Pin Diode Switches - SP16T

From 100 MHz to 24 GHz, any optimized bandwidth is available in absorptive or reflective models.  These are available in any combination between a SP9T to a SP16T.  Units can be customized for your application with offerings of various isolations, switching speeds, size configurations and even matched phase and amplitude.  Control options include solder pins or Multi-Pin connector.


 Frequency Ranges:  From 100 MHz to 20 GHz, any optimized bandwidth is available.


TTL Compatible Logic:  The control logic consists of 5 BITs, binary, TTL compatible logic with a two unit load at 0.8 mA.


High Speed Switching:  Switch is measured from 50% TTL to 10% / 90% RF from any set value to any set value.


Operating Temperature Range:  This model includes temperature compensation in a range from -40° to +70° C.  For more severe environments, please consult the factory.


Low DC Power Consumption:  Switches with TTL drivers require ±5 VDC @ +850/-200 mA.


High RF Power Handling:  For power levels greater than listed, please consult the factory.


Standard Interfaces:  RF port connectors are ‘SMA’ female per MIL-C-39012.  DC/Logic connections are solder terminals.  Please consult the factory for additional options.


Matched Phase & Amplitude:  Model listed is matched port-to-port with an amplitude match of ±0.5 dB and a phase match of ±5.0 degrees.



Outline Diagram




For substantial improvement in performance, ask for optimized narrowband models.


Electrical Specifications for SP16T Absorptive PIN Diode Switch

Frequency Range




Insertion Loss   (dB)


Operational/Survival RF Power


Switching Speed


Outline Size





2.0:1,   On or Off



3.50 x 3.50 x 0.88