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  Software & Test Setup to control Digital I & Q   Vector Modulators

    Use the following equipment to control Digital I & Q Vector    Modulators: Download Program Code
  Personal Computer with Visual Basic.
  Download the "SHOW3" program. It is written in Visual Basic (DOS Based) and use it as a template to write your program.
  You can write the program in any language. Ours works, but use it as a simple building block for yours.
  Anritzu/Wiltron Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).
  To use a Hewlett Packard VNA, change all the Anritzu/Wiltron commands to Hewlett Packard commands.
  National Instruments P/N PC-DIO-96 installed into the computer. Each card has 96 I/O ports and controls up to four vector modulators.
  There are 2 types, PNP for Windows Based operation systems and Non-PNP for DOS based systems.
  Ni-Dac software will be included and must be loaded on the computer.
  A 100 Pin Centronics-style, ribbon connector, Robinson Nugent P/N P50E-100S-TG to mate with the computer.
  A 37 PIN Subminature D-style, ribbon connector, ITT Cannon P/N DCSF-37S to mate with the vector modulator.
  National Instruments P/N NI-488.2 PNP (GPIB) installed into the computer. This computer card interfaces the VNA to the computer.
  NI-488.2 software will be included and must be loaded on the computer.
  IEEE-488 (GPIB) cable to interface the VNA to the computer.
  Power Supplies & RF Cables
  To energize the component and connect the Vector Modulator to the VNA.